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Hello there! Welcome to my page! This is basiclly where I post what i'm obsessed with at any random time so enjoy!

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never, ever forget

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il est beau et joli | do not edit.

Happy birthday you lil troll <3

il est beau et jolido not edit.

Happy birthday you lil troll <3

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oh! kris | do not edit.


oh! krisdo not edit.


That is all.

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kim jongin is a true inspiration. 

Preach it Kai. Respect.

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stop reblogging the songs.


Do not spoil it for everyone and STOP reblogging the songs, just wait a few more days. The group and staff who contributed/made to this album worked long enough. And they did not work long enough to have it leaked. So I am asking you to stop, and wait a few more days. I know we are all excited and already want to hear the album, but just wait. They set a date, so respect that date.

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hunhan’s fucking arms

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